Spice Grinding Project & Sub-Contract Workshop

The Blind Boys’ Academy started a Sub-Contract Workshopin in the year 1967 and Spice Grinding Project  in the year 1986, for the interim employment of those visually impaired youth who ary. e waiting for employment on completion of the Light Engineering Training.

In the Sub-Contract Workshop we do specific machinery jobs ordered by diffretnengineering companies. We manufacture (White Cane) folding sticks which are very handy and useful for all the blind persons. We supply these sticks to diffrenet organisations and individuals not only in West Bengal, but also in different states of India and abroad. At Present, we are also manufacturing plates with shaal leaves and different types of candles. We are starting to make paper bag and envelopes very soon.

In the Spice Grinding Project, we prepare six types of spices, like red chilli (lanka), turmeric (haldi), cumin (jeera), coriander (dhania), black pepper (golmorich), ginger (aada) and besan. The total process of spice grinding is run by only blind ex-trainees. They operate the grinding machine, disintegrator (crushing machine), dryer, heat sealing machine, and are engaged in weighing and packaging. They sell the products in their familiar locality, as their self employment. Now, 16 ex-trainees are engaged in sub-contract workshop and spice grinding project, with theexpectation that they would get better employment in the future.