Class I to XII & UG


The Academy is affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education for the Madhyamik (Class X) Examination and affiliated to the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education for Uchha Madhyamik (Class XII) Examination to provide general school education to the visually impaired boys, from class I to class XII.

The incoming students who become blind with some educational background or over-aged, are admitted into an Ungraded Class (UG) for a period of observation and preparation for placement in the suitable class. The V.I. students study the regular school curriculum from Class I to XII. They are provided with special coaching after the school hours as needed.

In addition, students attend Music Class especially for Vocal, Violin, Sitar and Tabla according to their aptitude and interest. Besides general curriculum, the students are also taught Mobility Orientation, Daily Living Skill, Clay Modelling, Industrial Arts and Concept Formation. The students learn Braille along with the audio books (Audio CDs) for their studies. The Academy follows the syllabus and subjects as directed by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. Our students appear in Madhyamik (Secondary) examination and Uchha Madhyamik (Higher Secondary) every year like other students. But as the Braille is not allowed in Madhyamik or in other Higher examinations they take help of scribe (writer) in the said examinations. They perform exceptionally well in the Board Examinations, as seen in the records provided for 2017, 2018 and 2019, and proceed to study in colleges under various Indian Universities. Till April, 2020, 324 students have passed the Madhyamik examination of the Board, all being placed in the 1st division and 80 students completed Higher Secondary examination securing 1st division.

The students of the Academy get opportunity to learn Music including Vocal & Instrumental according to their aptitude along with their normal day-to-day studies.

In the arena of physical development, the students take part in miscellaneous sports activities especially, Swimming, Judo and “Sound-Ball” Cricket.