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The Regional Braille Press of the Blind Boys’ Academy, began its services in 1967. It is engaged in embossing and publishing braille text and reference books in various languages viz. Bengali, English, Manipuri, Sikkimese, Meghalaya (Garo) and Sanskrit on various subjects including Mathematics, Science and Geography from beginner’s class to secondary level and some books for Higher Secondary and 3-year Degree Course. 

Besides, the Press has been publishing Braille Calendar every year since 1969.  Now technologically advanced computer operated machines are being used for embossing braille books. In the course of its services to promote braille literacy among the blind in India, the Press has been honoured by the Govt. of India as the best Braille Press with National Award in the year 2009 & 2016.  The Press has been also honoured by the Govt. of West Bengal with State Award in 2009 as the best Braille Press.