Audio Book Studio


The blind students study with the help of Braille books as well as they use Audio or Talking Books (books recorded in C.D.). The Academy started a well-equipped Audio Book Studio to facilitate recording of reading materials. The recorded CDs are used by our students as supplementary readers as well as reference books. On request these are supplied to other institutes also. Many of sensitive persons in our society come to us to extend voluntary service as a reader to record these books in our studio.

In the year 2007, an Audio Book Studio was set up in the Academy for the production of reading materials in C.D. with the financial help from FORCE FOUNDATION. Books both text and general are being recorded here and copies are being prepared for the use of our students as well as visually handicapped students of other institutions. Not only the school level books but also books for higher studies and competitive examinations are also recorded here. Volunteer readers with good voice and distinct pronunciation are welcome to lend their voice for quality production of Audio Books for print handicapped readers.