This is the post part of the Light Engineering training, presently ITI. After the completion of 2 (two) years training the trainees go back to their own home and our Rehabilitation cell starts its activities to find out suitable jobs or any Self Employment Scheme for them. Generally, we appeal to the authority of different concerns including Government and Private Sectors for the proper employment of our ex trainees. We also encourage them to start a small business by providing financial support in Self Employment Scheme. We visit the factories, industries or other concerns and try to locate jobs which are suitable for the visually impaired persons. Sometimes we invite the key persons of the different concerns to visit the activities of our blind students and trainees in our campus in order to have a change in their mindset regarding the working ability of these blind adults. It is a continuing and long-term process through which the blind adults can get a job to stand on their own feet economically and lead a life with their heads held high.

Since 1964, we have trained 603 blind adults so far and out of them about 67.16% are employed in different Govt. and Private sectors including Self Employment. Still some of them are eagerly waiting to see that their aspiration of economic independence is fulfilled through gainful occupation.

Our ex trainees are employed in the following concerns:


Light Engineering Training (I.T.I.) as on 31st December, 2019 since 1964
Total Trained : 647 Employment in Industry: 234 Self-Employment : 157
Total Placement : 468 Employment in Non-Industry : 077 Placement in Govt. Sector : 142
Percentage of Placement : 72.33% Employment in Sub-Contract Workshop
& Spice Grinding Project :
021 Placement in Private Sector : 130
        Placement in Govt. Undertaking : 039