Co-curricular Education

The students attend music classes, especially for vocal, violin, sitar and table according to their aptitude and interest. They learn some handicrafts works like book binding, chair caning andclay modelling etc.

Regular morning Physical Training (PT) provide ample physical excercise to our students. Sound ball cricket is yet another common entertainment mode for our students. Cricket matches are common with other schools for the blind in Kolkata.

Training in Swimming at the Academy Swimming Pool not only encourages self reliance and ensures further physical exercise, but also trains the boys to save themselves from possible drowning. In the recent decade our students annually excel in Para Swimming competitions at the State and National level.The medals tally won at the National Para Swimming championship by the Academy’s swimming team in 2017 and 2018 are given below:

[Medals Tally, 2017, 2018]

Recently, Para Judo has captured the attention of the students. The medals tally won at the National Para Judo championship in 2018 is given below. The students participated in the First Para Jiujutsu  Championship for South Asia, held in April 2019, the students received 3 Gold and 3 Silver medals.

[Medals Tally 2018]

The International Award for Young People (IAYP) delivers the United Kingdom’s Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award to the schools in India. The program includes mountaineering, coastal trek, jungle trek, rock climbing, etc. taught to the teenagers for self confidence, self reliance and survival in Nature. Sometimes, Academy students are taken out for excursions with regular schools. The Academy has been part of the program since 2002, and the school students graduate with the Gold, Silver and Bronze category certificates.