R.K. Mission Blind Boys' Academy, Narendrapur

Training Institute of the Teacher for the Visually Handicapped

Teachers' Training Center:
Teaching the blind students is a specialized job. Scarcity of trained teachers to teach the blind posed a great obstacle to the task of educating the Visually Impaired students in early sixties. The Academy started training such teachers in the year 1965 with a view to overcoming this hurdle. The Social Welfare Department, Government of India helped us with financial support to run this Centre, when the National Institute for the Visually Handicapped was constituted in 1979 it took the responsibility of running this Centre as a Regional one for eastern and north-eastern States. From 1987 this has been upgraded to a Training Centre for the Secondary Level Teachers of the Visually Handicapped. After the promulgation of R. C. I. Act this Centre has been recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India. The successful trained candidates were provided with Diploma in Special Education (Visually Impairment). In 2004 this Centre has been affiliated to the University of Calcutta and the successful Candidates are awarded the Degree of B. Ed. Special Education (V.I.).

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