R.K. Mission Blind Boys' Academy, Narendrapur

International Award for Young People.

This is a unique inclusion in the activities of our Academy. We have been associated in this Award Programme since the year 2002. The selective students of Blind Boys’ Academy are associated with their Award Programme. They work 4 section like Physical Recreation, Skill, Social Services and Adventurous Journey in 3 levels like Bronze, Silver and Gold. This is completely Non-competitive programme. The boys work in 4 sections for specific duration. After completion of work in Bronze level, they enter into Silver and then into Gold level. They note their specific activities in diary regularly. In Physical Recreation they generally practice Cricket, Swimming and Atheletics in skill they practice vocal music, playing Sitar or Violin or Tabla, Computer, Chess, Braille etc, in social service they clean hostels, play ground, adjacent lane of the hostel, serve in dinning room or teach Braille to the junior students. In Adventurous journey the students take part in trekking to different hills like Susunia, Matha, Panchlingeswar or in Coastal Trekking like walking from Chandipur to Digha or in Exploration at Sundarban, Gangasagar or in any remote area. Especially in Gold level they have to complete a Residential Project in an unknown area. Through this Award Programme the boys can develop honesty, sincerity, leadership, adjustment ability, skill, punctuality, togetherness, mental strength and finally self confidence. This programme helps to open the mental barriers in the mind of the boys. They could develop their inherent ability and become a complete man.

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