R.K. Mission Blind Boys' Academy, Narendrapur

Braille Library

The Braille Library of the Academy plays a vital role in promoting the education and rehabilitation of the visually impaired students. It is an integral part of the Academy. It has been functioning since the inception of the Blind Boys’ Academy. As Blind Boys’ Academy has blossomed over the years so also the Library has expanded its various wings keeping in view the need of the day. The beneficiaries are students and trainees of the Academy, ex-students who are attending colleges and universities and the research scholars in the field of blind and blindness and associated disabilities of different Universities. The number of volumes accessed upto 31.12.2010 in the library is 36,910 including 27,964 embossed volumes and 8,946 letter press books. There are also 854 talking books (in cassettes and C.D.s).
Special Aids and Appliances are also issued from Library for effective teaching.

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