R.K. Mission Blind Boys' Academy, Narendrapur

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

The object of this project is to give intensive practical & theoretical training in Agriculture & Animal Husbandry, Mushroom to the rural blind young adults with a view to rehabilitating them socio-economically in their village homes under self-employment scheme after the completion of their training.Training in Braille, mobility and Home living is also imparted to these trainees. To run this project, the govt. of India, ministry of social Justice & Empowerment and the govt. of West Bengal Ministry of mass Education Ext. have graciously provided the necessary guidance and annual financial assistance. This noble and fruitful venture toward and service of rural blind was taken up by the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Narendrapur, Kolkata about 38 years back. This project was started as an experimental project with the assistance received from U.S.A. Govt. with the approval of the Govt. of India. (from February 1973 to 1976).
A plot of land of about 3 acres has been provided in the mission campus for Agriculture field operations of different crops, Animal Husbandry farming such as – poultry, duck, cow keeping, goat-sheep rearing, fodder cultivation, agriculture, mushroom cultivation, floriculture & nursery management.

Glimpses of training and resettlement of the rural blind:-

1. No. Trained rural blind youths: 352
2. No. of resettled rural blind clients: 352

  • i) Dairy farming: 217
  • ii) Poultry farming: 55
  • iii) Mixed farming: 80

Selection Procedure:
Wide publicity is given through press, All India radio, Television, Newspapers and the district officials of the state govt., for admission of suitable blind candidates. They apply on fresh paper and the authority takes step to call them for interview in the month of December every year. The age of the candidate should be between 16 years and 35 years. Duration of the course is 2 years from January to December next year. Generally 10 candidates are selected every year for this training.

For outstanding performance in rural trades (like agriculture, poultry farming, dairy farming, mixed farming, mushroom cultivation), 10 resettled rural blind clients received the National Award and 43 blind clients received the State Award.

Grants in Aid:
Materials and livestock worth Rs.25.000/- as collected by the Ashram is provided to the trained clients according to their necessity i.e.- cow, poultry birds, goat-sheep, feed agriculture inputs etc to start the rural vocation at home for their socio economic resettlement under self-employment scheme on completion of training in agriculture & Animal Husbandry.

A particular Syllabus has been prepared for giving intensive training in all aspects of agriculture and animal husbandry.
i) Agriculture: Summer & Monsoon vegetable, cultivation, winter vegetable, horticulture, plants, field crop & floriculture etc.
At the time of practical classes, the trainees acquire the following skills: To prepare seed bed sowing seeds to transplant seedling, application of manures & fertilizers, application of insecticides & fungicides with the help of duster & sprayer. Inter culture practices such as- weeding, mulching, earthing, irrigation, harvesting, preparation of cuttings & grafts & goodies. They use fork, khurpi, hand kodali, watering can, seed dresser, duster, sprayer, hand rake, paddy thrasher.
ii) Animal Husbandry:
    a) Poultry keeping: To know different breeds, commercial & domestic poultry farming, deep litter & cage system, maintenance of litter, arrangement of brooder box, rearing of chicks. Grower & layer, broilers etc. application of medicines in different dieses, preparation of mash (feed), use of instrument .
    b) Dairy farming: To know the different breeds, importance of cross breeding, gross Idea about bull semen, A.I. method, name of different parts of general organs of cow, method of rearing, milking, different green fodders, preparation of feeds, identification of common medicines, use of instrument and treatment in different diseases.
    c) Goat sheep & Duck: To know different breeds, feed and feedings, management and disease control.

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